The Zit

I've had a zit for a 2 weeks, the zit was the kind that you had to notice; big red and probably the first thing you'll see on my face. During the first week, I tried different creams and ointments, but still it wouldn't go away, so I left it there for the regular phasing out of any thing in the universe, but still it wasn't going away, or phasing out. Midway through the second week, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I deflated it using a sterilized pin. It deflated a bit, but formed a shell like a wound, at which I have accepted the fact that the zit is going to be apparent for the rest of Ramdan, if not my life. It's OK. Anyhow, yesterday, I was sitting minding my own business, when I get a tingling sensation where the zit was and I find that it went away on its own. Funny.

The ironic part is that this zit came into existence with a rather annoying idea, which wouldn't leave my mind and kept bogging me for nearly 3 weeks now. This idea reached its maturity just like the zit and I tried my best to deform it, but it only crystallized more. Yet, yesterday at the same time of the surrender of the zit, the idea surrendered as well and declared me victorious over its bothering existence.

Yesterday, the most annoying day I have had for a while, has proved very productive, I have gotten rid of both zit and idea. Although it's a feat that requires celebration, there's a part of me which will always long for the idea (not so much the zit), because it was my only link to my species in a very long time. I guess that was the part that created the awful mood I was in yesterday.

Listening to "3ala Baly" by 3aida el 2ayouby


SaRaH said…
Hehe let me just say that this is one of the weirdest post titles i have seen in a while. I glad u got rid of the zit and hope you got more longing ideas :)
Cesario said…
It was a weird zit and a weird thought, so I guess the post is successful fee el 7eta deeh.
Thanks, I am glad too :)
marooned84 said…
so there's a connection between ideas and zits? weird! guess Einstein's face was sprinkled all over :)))
congrats anyway, and maybe u can cinsider a nikab if some ideas were nagging :)
Cesario said…
There isn't a real connection, they both started and ended at the same time, that's all.
Also, I don't believe in Nikab, everybody is entitled to his/her own beliefs.
Also, it's not about covering the zit or shadowing the idea, it's about getting rid of them, so the Nikab in this case is utterly useless.
marooned84 said…
I don't believe in it either, but sometimes the easiest way out is hiding the problem..
glad u didn't think of that :)

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