A motivation letter

write a motivation letter, they said.
OK, so what should I write?That I don't want this job, that it doesn't interest me what so ever, but it's the only thing available, as well as the only people who actually replied to the tens of emails that I've sent. Should I write that I sent this email by mistake? That this job is far away from what I want to do with my life as I am far away from the things that make me happy, that I don't want this job and every time I think I could be working in this place, I feel like throwing up.
It's just so stupid, I lost a great opportunity of a job that I wanted 2 weeks ago, ever since nothing has come my way, except this other stupid job that I don't even want. Then, WHY am I compelled to write this stupid letter? Why should I listen to anyone but myself? It's MY stupid life, isn't it?
Anyhow, maybe they won't hire me :)


greyscale said…

motivation letters are a stupid idea anyways.
gjoe said…
It reminded me of the last oscar event. The hostess was like "I dont know about the nominees, but you must be feeling very anxious and worried and all that,If you won, your peers are going to watching along with millions of people all over the planet..every body you know is waiting for you to thank them..It must be nerve wrecking..but..look at the bright side..you might not win!"
Cesario said…
Touche , both of you :)

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