Rabena Yehdy

Two very strong words, often told when someone does something strange or misunderstood, or just pure crazy. I say Rabena Yehdeena kolena, because isn't that what life is all about, searching for something that you don't know? So, when these two words are told, I just think that the one who said them, should take a long hard look at him/herself and figure out if they need it more than the recipient.
Well, recently someone told me the same two words and they sort of lingered, after an anger-filled day, this sentence was said and as night fell, there was some kind of calmness that possessed me, more than any other time of my life. It just gripped me and I couldn't shake it no matter what I did. The calmness that come before the storm? Maybe. Yet all that I care about is the fact that I have decided, I've made up my mind and there are no excuses,no cowardice, no going back.
I know I am going to miss a lot, but there is a time in life where you have to give up some comfort, to get back some happiness, or so I think.
The time has come to fold this wrinkled, crooked page of life and turn over a new one, hopefully a better, happier page, so that the ink of destiny should fill it with words of truth, of joy and most of all, words of pure satisfaction.

"May God lighten the way of righteousness for us to see"


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