The call

The telephone call was her cue, one tiny 5 minute call concentrated all the feelings of disdain and anger inside her heart and multiplied it 10 times, to become one connected hurricane of mixed emotions, circling her surroundings and making everything she worked for fall at her feet and crash.
Her day became one dark horrific night, a night which no one else can see or feel, she treaded blindly within the folds of a strange atmosphere , not knowing where she's going or where she wants to go, her existence ended in that call, some simple electronic signals forced her life into a dead halt and changed her forever into an unforgiving, sad human being, counting the days till her end and wishing it would come sooner.


Deeeeeee said…
As a song I thought I'd never like but currently love would say:

It takes a night to make it dawn,
It takes a day to make you yawn brother
It takes some old to make you young,
It takes some cold to know the sun,
It takes the one to have the other

Maybe she needs that horrific night to appreciate the dawn, or that's what she needs to keep telling herself to get through it!
Cesario said…
I think you make a viable point, but our subject here is already experiencing horrific nights every day, because of her own special mind.

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