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The Impossible Death

It was a sort of epiphany, but unlike real epiphanies, she felt betrayed. To be more specific, on the realization of the truth, she felt a sharp stab in her chest. It made her stop for just one second. It made her ponder her entire existence and the existence of the people around her, walking idly in the street.

"Don't you think it's a bit cruel?" Ner asked.
"Cruel? Just because you don't do anything with yours..."
Ner interrupted, "I let them live, the way they want."
"Boring! You are just too afraid to do anything with them. No one will do anything to you. The empathy trials are long gone. Nobody cares about them anymore. Most of Endor don't even look at what they are doing. They are ours to do what we want with them. Everyone is looking at the new toy of the century. However, no matter how great and colorful, Elliria will never be as good of a game as them."
"It's because we abandoned them that they are falling apart…

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