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Chasing the light

The world shook with thunder.
She was on the phone at the time. "What was that?" the person she was talking to asked.
"Thunder," she said as she lifted her hand up to the sky in anticipation for the rain.
"Maybe you should get inside," the other person said, "it's not safe".
Yet, the rain did not come, not until several hours later.
It was long after she hung the phone. After she petted the cat. After she watched TV. After she felt the heaviness of her emotions. After she calmed her mind. After she wrote in her journal.
The world seemed to move with her.
An hour before the rain, she went outside to "get some air". It was a weird notion since air is always around, and how exactly can one "get" air?
She carried with her the heaviness she felt within, outside. After she spent the better half of the hour convincing herself of the falseness of her emotions, she experienced some lightness. As she did, the sir switched from bei…

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