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As 2018 came to a close, I scrolled through social media to see some people post pictures of their party preparations, others gave a thorough recap of the year, and some posted their wishes for the new year. At work, our boss asked us what our resolutions were. I had themes not resolutions and I usually don't like to share them with people. I said that I wanted to do more yoga, which was true, but hardly a resolution and more of an intention. 
On New Year's eve, it was raining profusely. I had been working all week, and so I was exhausted thanks to the long working hours and fighting off the remainder of the flu I had the week before. As the clouds merged together, threatening to ruin party plans, I walked the busy streets of the city filled with people rushing to buy last-minute items. I too had to purchase something, a big bag to fit the rest of my belongings because I was moving on the first day of 2019. This was the fourth time I moved in less than 6 months. 
It is diffic…

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