Blabbering about non-blabbering

There is this moment when people start asking questions, that I begin to not want to answer them. It's very strange, but sometimes I want to say something, but I can't, not because of the lack of listeners, but because I just can't. It's like someone is muffling my vocal cords.
It happened so many times, that I just avoid conversations that are too intrusive .

On another very different note, when is the Harry potter movie going to hit the cinemas? It's been over a month, what's going on here?


gjoe said…
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gjoe said…
Hay sina, I think its going to be on at the 15th this month. My sister is really getting all hyped up abt it and she is calling the theaters everynow and then :)

Btw, Am Enjoying very much ur recent posts..I just dont comment back because they leave me in a "thinking mood" rather than a "posting a comment mood".. but keep going..and I'll be reading closely ;)
Cesario said…
Thanks, I really appreciate that :)
Deeeeeee said…
well, you know what I'd say when a voice (yours) gets muffled... "kid don't hurt yourself". Its a really good thing that there are things you want to say but can not.. being to outspoken is HELL ANNOYING... I know its not expected of me at all, but most of the time I wish I was as silent as you. :)

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