The glass

You know when you reach for a glass in the cupboard at night, so you can't see, but you're too lazy to turn on the light, and so you get one of those mugs with flimsy glass that won't stand the heat of the boiling tea.
Sometimes I fear that life is the same thing and I will get the mug with the flimsy glass, and then everything is going to explode in my face. Yes, I fear the glass.

On another very different note, today, my mother was trying to convince me that a) there's sth called love b) that I should get fall in love and get married. I love our conversations, because my mother is emotional and I am completely rational, and more often than not, she emerges from our conversations convinced that I am correct and I realize how other people might think (up until a short period ago, I thought all people are like me). Anyhow, coming back from work, late as usual, exhausted and worried about the tons of things I have to do, I started to think about what would happen if I do get married.
I would probably be married for 2 years and then I will get a divorce, because he won't bear the intensity of my behavior and I won't be emotionally available, he will try to reach out, but I will always bring him down. I won't be vulnerable and I won't seek his help, which will drive him crazy. However, we will still be friends after our divorce, always wondering what went wrong and then he will marry someone with no brain because he deduced from our marriage that women with brains are exhausting. I will attend his wedding and that will be the end of our relationship.


jessyz said…
Is that because all the men you've met haven't been able to handle you, or are you just projecting what is deep deep in your heart that there is no guy out there who can handle you? My 2 cents, don't ever settle for a guy.
Cesario said…
Actually, there's no one human being that can handle me.hehehehe

La2, kol el fee el mawdoo3 en this is an imaginative scenario, resulting from my mother's conversation.
I won't, because I don't intend to get married just because. If I get married, it has to be for a damn good reason, to a damn great guy and I don't think these two things exist.
Marriage is too complicated to be settled for.
LUNAR. said…
Can I Ask You ??
Tell When You Are Planning TO Keep Your Heart Closed ?? (If Im Getting The Subject Right).

Besides , You Are Accusing All Females On Earth That Falls In Love ( And Then Get Married ) , That They Are Brain-Less :) , Thats Quiet Unfair.

Spending Too Much Time In Being Rational Will Waste Your Life Time.

Nice Blog BTW , Thanks For Dropping By.

Cesario said…
It's not closed per se, it is ajar. Plus, it's just that I believe people like the concept of being in love so much, that they don't question it.
I am not accusing girls who fall in love of being brainless, my mother is one those girls and she's one of the smartest women I've ever met.
I am just saying

I will half heartedly agree with your last statement,because too much rationalization can waste one's life, but just enough can save it and too little will pretty much destroy it.
Cesario said…
and Thanks for the nice words and passing by, I liked your blog too :D
gjoe said…
Lunar: I liked your comment, bass i know cesario personally and i tried asking her till when are you going to keepp your heart closed and everytime i get get bruised in my arms. So luckily, you were distant when you asked that question

As to cesario, I will not try to get into a fruitless debate to change your mind about love and marriage. I mean your mom tried. God bless her. But I just hope that if there was a very good reason for you to marry, and you actually found a very good guy out there, then please please take me and dee to go wedding-dress shopping with you! I would love to see that :D
Cesario said…
Well, I'd hate to burst your bubble ya gjoe, but if I do get married (after banging head in wall many times), I won't have a wedding, or at least not in the traditional sense.

Wana mesh 3aneefa awy keda *angel wings fluttering*
gjoe said…
Please no parachute dropping into the wedding cake!
Cesario said…
who said there's a cake aslan?
jessyz said…
I used to say the same thing too, and then I banged my head or someone hit me with something I am not really sure.
Cesario said…
My mom would be so proud of all of you.LOL
We'll see what happens.
LUNAR. said…
Now, Here Becomes The Difference, Some People Just Want To Fall In Love Only To Live A Good Fantasy Or Just So Other Say About Them "Look, He\She Is In Love , aaaaaaaaaaawww"
Other Type Of Ppl, Waits To Find The Person Who Will Earn Their Heart And Then Start The Love Cycle.

Im Not Going To Comment About "You Should Fall In Real Mature Love" Anymore , But I Will Say, When The Time Comes , Your Heart Will Not Wait For Your Permission Dear :)

Allah Ybarek Feeky O y36eeki kol 7'eir.

LOL, Will Thanks God , My Fiancé Will Be Mad At Me If She Saw Any Bruises :D

Like I Said To Her, When Time Comes, Your Heart Will Override Any Rational Decision Of Hers.

Beside, It Seems That Cesario Love Her Mother Soo Much (Allah y7'aleelek eyyaha) , I Think That Her Mother Deserves To See Her Grand Children (Cesario Kids enshalla ), Right??

Allah Yjeeb Elle Feeh EL-7'eir.
Sorry For Long Reply.
Cesario said…
Ya3ny, I don't agree 3alla mawdoo3 that my brain will stop rationalizing when I meet a guy whom I decide will become my future husband, because I use my brain for affection aslan, but you said it and my mother said it too, and you both seem like really nice people, fa mesh haday2ekoo.
As for the grandchildren, I got a cat and I keep telling my mother "play with your grandchild" and I usually get thrown with the nearest vase. Anyhow, my mother can demand those earthly creatures from my sisters, homma awla bardo.

Thanks for the nice wishes, wallahy kasfteny bekaram a7'la2ak.
marooned84 said…
isn't it usually the other way round? mother trying to connince her girl that there's nothing called love and that she should marry whoever the mother think right for her? well, I'm sure ur mother is different. I didn't get 2 talk 2 much mothers, but I don't think Egypt would be the one we know it if yours were prevailing :)

girls with brains are exhausting, but girls without are expensive, if u know what I mean. it's better to be in love with an independant girl than a needy one. only today I was thinking how my family is so dependant, so me myself is kind of dependant out of laziness and that I've been trying to change that for years till I reached the conclusion that it can only be done by moving out. Imagine if you're the only one who can drive, that everyone expects you to be his/her private driver or else play the famous (msh 3aizen mennak 7aga, rabbena ma ye7wegnash leek) record. it's goddamn EXHAUSTING!

if u're as independant as you're implying I'd like ur dad's (or better, ur mother's) number 3shan agi a7'tob :p
Cesario said…
I agree, if my parents were the norm, things would be different, the society would have been greatly improved. After all, they were the ones who raised me to be independent and although they assure me that I am independent enough, I still don't count myself as greatly independent, but then again, being the regular tin man/ ice queen that I am, my kind of independence would probably be really cruel.
I had strangers tell me I am really independent and the funny thing is I never thought I was THAT independent. Overall, I guess it's not that bad.

Anyhow, marooned, don't move out, you can set rules and ask ur family to respect them. Even though I would like to live alone sometimes, I still like it when I come back from an exhausting day and find my family watching TV like nothing happened, gives u a lot of perspective; you can be too involved in yourself.

3'areeba awy, I write, on a whim out of exhaustion, one flimsy post about not believing in love and not only do people try to convince me otherwise, but I get a proposal. LOL!! If I didn't know myself, I would have said that I am probably seeking attention, but honestly I never thought this post would generate so much feedback.

Thanks for the offer ya 27' marooned we shayleenak lel zan2a!!LOL!!
marooned84 said…
well, there's no helping it. I MUST move out, but I don't think I can do it in less than a year. I can say now that I am independant financially, but I still have a debt 2 pay and a flat without electricity!

as to my offer, plz tell me 3oza di 7ateb2a senn kam bezabt 3shan a3mel 7sabi w astannaki :p

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