I've never been a person with a cause, I have projects, not causes. I've never been one who gets enraged about the atrocities that are committed in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Georgia and the list goes on and on. I sympathize and empathize, but I've never really cared. This state of indifference is making me worry about myself as a human. It's just when I think of it, there is no solution for these cases except maybe a miracle or sth.
During Ramadan, I try to watch as little TV as possible, hence I usually watch the news and cooking programs (when hunger strikes). Today, there was Sa7afet Al Montasaf on Al jazeera and the journalist wrote that Palestine needs to go back to the basics of resistance and unity. I always thought that all the conventions, conferences and peace talks are just incoherent attempts to fix a situation that has exploded into numerous fragments and that can not be assembled. I mean you have civil fights, you have external fights, etc... Too many variables in such a small country.
Anyhow, I am not writing this because I want to help, because I know I can't even if I want to and then there was the whole thing of people saying that it's their issue and not ours. To tell you the truth, sometimes I think the same thing, but then I really dispise myself.

Moving to another issue, there's a snippet of a program that is shown on Al Arabiya called "Al 3alam Hazeehee al Lahza" that I just love. It shows different places in the world at this very moment. You would see rain drops in paris, followed by an empty street in Australia, hillside in Sicily and the space needle in Seattle. This whole combination of different continents in just 2 minutes, makes me feel elated and inspired; I have no explanation for it, but maybe it stems from my deep desire for travel. I've always wanted to see as much of the world as possible before I die and I really hope that I get to do that.


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