I have a problem, really I do. I am unable to congratulate people, especially on engagements, weddings and new births. I don't have a clue why, but I hate doing the whole "Alf Mabrouk we Rabena Yetamem 3ala kheir" or "Mabrouk 3alla el bebe, shaklo cute awy" statements whether online or offline Just as I can't console somebody in case of a death, usually I'd just ask how they're doing and say "Rabena ma3ako" or "Rabena ye2aweeko".
I just can't...

I have no explanation for that, but I usually try to evade these situations, people might find it strange, inconsiderate or pure insolent and I would excuse them, because they don't understand and neither do I.


SaRaH said…
Better than me I can not go to weddings most people hate me for it :) but hey now I am not I do not do it to someone in particular I do it to everyone :D
lost within said…
Hahaha !
well, I find difficulty in that too but I manage to say sth in the end !
it is part of socializing with others ! sharron la bodda menhu ! ;)
Cesario said…
Sarah: I don't like going either, I come up with excuses.

Lost within: I hope I was as brave, but every time I convince myself that it's labod menhu, I chicken out at the last moment. Yalla ba2a, Rabena el mosame7.
hesperia said…
it could be your way of evading big ups and downs of emotions. it's not that you can't relate, it's probably that you dont wanna... like a defence mechanism.
but then again, i think these stuff r waaaaaay too out there in egypt, it's now like " ezzayek 7abebti????? wa7ashteeni mot!!!!" even with ppl who've just seen u yesterday, so we just feel that a simple "mabrook" wont do and that there's somehtin wrong with us when there isn't.
signed: a fellow insomniac :-)
Cesario said…
I think you might have a point, but you know what, these things just encourage "fake emotions"; and while I can't handle emotions, but rather analyze it, if and when I do become relatively "emotional", I'd rather it's genuine rather than fake.
Thanks for passing by and welcome to the unofficial club of "Insomniacs United"

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