Who knew?

I tend to forget about my exhaustion until somebody points it out, my dad bless his heart, did that yesterday. I had no clue that I was that tired, although I have been awake for three long weeks now and very little sleep. In addition, for the first 2 weeks I had the flu and in spite of all that, I am not sad, actually I am feeling guilty.
The guilt is due to the fact that I took today off, don't get me wrong, I worked, but not as much as I am supposed to. I decided to sleep for the first time in weeks and I also decided to just stay at home, kick back and try to relax.
I wonder what's right and what's wrong.


lost within said…
dear , u have to pay more attention to your self . You don't want to wear ur self out so young ! =)
relax and don't think of what is right or wrong ...for now at least ! coz relaxation and thinking of those combined doesn't work out !
Cesario said…
You're right, but then if I am not going to wear myself out now, when will I do that?
I want to seize every opportunity, so that on my death bed I will be content with what I've done with my life and I am hoping that God helps me with that.
But I will try to relax, I actually feel much more refreshed today.Thx :D

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