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Allow me to write again, because I would like to shake off this current state of mine. I have delved a lot in the subject and I think the main reason might have been found. The reason for which cause, you may ask and I wouldn't have an answer.
I think that people search for somebody to appreciate them before they can actually appreciate themselves and so they see themselves in other people's eyes. Yet, the problem is that this isn't your true self, or at least not the full fledged matured one. The image reflected that you like so much is an interpretation of something that doesn't exist, at least not yet, it's a facade of what could have been and an idea of a future formation. I don't think that people realize that and so they always end up trapped within this superficial idea, between the surface and the depth, caught in the middle of 2 glass sheets and any tremor would result in drastic consequence for all parties involved.
I may not be making much sense, but that was the thought that I needed to exorcise.


SaRaH said…
I want to tell you something that I discovered really late people see you the way you see yourself, they treat you nice if you be nice to yourself, they think the world of you if you think the world of yourself.. Appreciate yourself dear before you wait for others to appreciate you.. Its just something I wanted to share :)
marooned84 said…
I think people who think and analyze themselves too much always end up unsatisfied and unhappy!

(i would like 2 point out amy lee's brilliant lyrics of the song everybody's fool)
Cesario said…
Sarah: I agree with you, people must learn to appreciate themselves more. It's quite the hard job. Thanks for sharing.

Marooned84:Tell me about it.
(Without the mask, where will you hide?
Can't find yourself lost in your lie)

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