The verdict

It's not easy to come up with decisive verdicts, and I don't mean decisions, I mean judging a situation or a person. In fact, it's so hard that it makes me cringe; how can one judge something after spending mere hours within it and what degree of decisiveness is expected.

I kept thinking of the situation and I kept deriving possible outcomes, each more complicated and annoying than the other and yet each carried some hope and prospect that have been lost in the hustle and bustle of growing up.
As the song played and resounded inside the confound space of the vehicle, variable thoughts shot and refracted within my mind, so much that it started to resemble a chaotic pool match, where there are no experts, but merely amateurs who wish that they can drop one of the colored balls within the extended pouches. Every angle brought the excitement of the novice and every miss the deflation of hopes. With every refracted ball, the creativity decreased to become nearly non-existent. Then, suddenly, without even thinking, a thought jumped into my brain, much as the unsuspecting contestant shot the ball into its intended resting place and declared itself triumphant for the first time within the chaos.

The thought shined and crystallized and took its time in reaching its maturity, but just as it came from oblivion, it returned to it in the same sudden way, thus deemed unfit and quite impossible. Yet, what this infant of a thought brought is so much more than the verdict, it brought a new angle to the table, a new prospect to the situation and an optimistic hint to my existence. It might have not changed the universe, but at least it changed an aspect of an element in my own personal truth and that's how the verdict materialized.


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