The originals

Kobry Kasr El nile (Kasr El nile bridge) and Midan Tal3at Harb (Talaat Harb Avenue) are my most adored places in West El Balad (Downtown).

West El balad was originally designed to copy 19th century paris, hence the wide streets, tall buildings and avenues. The design was supposed to allow people to see all the other avenues if you're standing in one of them. In addition, the "No car horns in downtown" law was originally put by the British, because car horns produced terrible echos due to the tall buildings.

Kasr El nile bridge, originally known as Khadeve Ismail bridge is one of the things in life that makes living a little bit easier and reminds me of a sweeter Egypt. I am probably the last of my generation to actually walk on this magnificent architectural and historical feat, as I have just done that 2 months ago when I had an errand to do in West El Balad and I wanted very much to walk. Never mind that it's usually invaded by foreigners and their guides, walking on this bridge makes me feel as if I am back in time, while the wind reminds you of the power of the tide. This bridge is so much integrated into our Egyptian culture that it has its own proverb (if we can call it that, well, it's more of a cynical remark), "Malko 3amleen zay 2asadeyn Kasr El Nile?" (how come you're like the 2 Kasr El nile Lions?)


SaRaH said…
I love Down town when I do not feel like going anywhere I just head there and keep on walking aimlessly :) a nice post with some new and useful info.
Cesario said…
Yeah, downtown ha its own style, it makes you feel special, as if it exists only for you, talks only to you and invites only you to its mystical history.
Thanks :D
SaRaH said…
Exactly that is why its my favourite got its own flavour
Belya said…
I like the qasr el-nil bridge, but when it comes to down town ........ not my place 7'ales.
It may be cool from the achitectural point of view, but I hate any place that is crowded.
Cesario said…
Downtown's best time is Friday morning or the early morning(before 12 pm) of any national holiday other than feasts.

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