Notes on society

I've had the pleasure of having my Iftar in Cafe today instead of at home. I usually like to have Iftar at home, but today after being cooped up in my room working for so many hours that I started to hallucinate, and after making an unnecessary stop after driving in the crowded pre-iftar streets of Cairo, I decided that I should have Iftar in a cafe and work there. A change of scenary did help and I finished wirting all the notes on all the things that I needed to write about. I am far from done, but at least I can scratch off phase one. Anyhow, I decided now to write my own notes on society and here they are:
  • I hate public displays of affection, I think they're unnecessary and pretty much stupid; this ranges from whisper talking to hand holding to smiling blushingly.
  • People should walk faster and drive slower.
  • People should shower more often.
  • We're so westernized that I think we've lost our oriental feel, something which most of us seek through haveing fool 3alla 3rabiat 3am ma7rous or going to have Iftar in El Hussein.
  • Children are no longer young and seniors are no longer old, everyone is evading their planned role within the society, that it has become a mix of bland characters.
  • Sometimes people look at each other funny.
On another very different note, yesterday, a guy forfittied his right to park to me. I don't know why, but I was amazed at this generous gesture, then I wondered if he's part of a gang that robs cars. He wasn't, God bless him wherever he is because I was very exhausted and seeing double by the time I returned home, I don't think I could have bore circling my block for parking lots due to the flocks of people coming for so7oor.


jessyz said…
Yes people should shower more often. Maybe the guy who left his parking space is an alien?
MeMo said…
"People should walk faster and drive slower" I think people should walk faster and drive faster .
and they DEFINITELY have to shower more ,or at least do something about the smell :D.
Cesario said…
Jessyz: well, when I come to think of it, I couldn't really see his face.hmmm, I think he might be an alien.

Memo: I don't mean really slow, but not as fast as they currently do.
lost within said…
Hahaha !
yes people shud shower more often and walk faster ! enu t7arak bsor3a ya akhi lol
Cesario said…
or in other words, zo2 3agalak.

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