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Today, In Al Ahram there's a very interesting article about Tsipi Livni , the foreign affairs minister in Israel. I am by no means a fan of this woman, but the article spoke of her life before becoming a politician and even though she's on the other side of the game, it's still amazing to read about the life of successful women. Well, Both her parents were in the Likud party and she refuses to use anything made in germany, as she's originated from Poland. She was raised to become an active member of the political life, it's very apparent from the article.
Aside from this, a question emerges, how much influence do parents have on their children? How do you make sure that you are the product of your own self and not your parents' vision of you?


lost within said…
I share ur admiration for successful women no matter what side of the game they're on !
To see a woman come this long is always some thing that makes me feel proud n_n
her , Rice , Merkel , Queen Rania , the whole bunch of 'em are awesome !

and to answer ur question :
Our parents do influence us in many ways and yes , we might be minitures of them but at a certain age , their influence loses its magic and we start making ourselves on our own . now that's the normal scenario , in some cases , some people are so dependent on their parents they continue to live their lives the way their parents wanted !
Cesario said…
I agree.
As for the parents thing, I understand what you're saying, but in Livni's case, she was bred to become what she is now. If she wasn't raised that way, would she have become the same?
As for the people who depend on their parents, I have seen this too and it's not a happy sight.Rabena Ma3hom.
lost within said…
Livni's parents must've had a great impact on her political orientations but if she didn't want to be the great(?) politician she is today , she wouldn't !
Our parents might force us in one direction , and that direction we will go in but we will never shine and excel if we don't want to .
SaRaH said…
I have to say that parents do influence us as kids its just a fact and who we grow up to be is a product of what they taught us and how we choose to apply this in our lives.. Some people are quiet an example of how kids are not about parents but those are just few I would say it about what they taught us and how we use it
Pretty nice blog by the way
Cesario said…
Lost within: I agree that it depends on you as a person and I believe that any decision you make, it's your own responsibility.

Sarah:Actually some people make it their business to become as different from their parents as possible, I find that moderation is the best thing.
Thanks, glad you liked it.

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