These days, I work late and wake up early, so many a time I feel like my brain has some dead weights attached to it, my solution: A pick me up song.

In Ramadan, I don't like to hear english songs because they don't really put u in the mood and sometimes bey7'arafo gamed, so I hear arabic and really old arabic or Rai.
My pick me up songs--> Inshallah-Chab Mami, El donya Helwa--> Filfel el Ghoury

About Filfe El Ghoury, he was a jewish Iraqi, very strange, but his lyrics have Quran in them, go figure. Anyhow, he had a great voice, Rabena Yerhamo ba2a, and I really like his songs because it's more of Mawaweel. I also discovered a guy called "Reda El khayat", who has a song I really like called "3ala haza el 7al". In addition, I am guilty of one track of Yuri Mer2ady, called "Maza 2akool le2ozony".
I also hear Soad Massi, courtesy of the album Dina gave me a year ago, but she's more of a calm me down track. Ahh, and Marcel Khalifa's "3al Hdood", it's the only one of his that I really like.

Then you have your basics of Om Kalthoum (aroo7 lemeen, enta 3omry, 3'aneely shewaya shewaya), Abdel Wahhab (han el wed, ya ward meen yeshtereek, ya msafer wa7dak (holds great memories of Sinai)) and a couple of tracks of Fayrouz; Shadi, e3teeny el nay (my utmost favorite) and shat Eskenderia.


marooned84 said…
Might I suggest Reem al-banna? she's a palestenian singer. try Ras el jabal, it's really amazing
SaRaH said…
I give my vote to Reem Al Banna she is really good but I admire your taste in music in Ramadan.. Enjoy and hoping it would lift that load in your mind :D
jessyz said…
Rim EL Banna Rocks!
I also suggest Omeima. And Omar Farouk Tekbilek.
Yaah one of the most enjoyable parts of my day used to be getting in the car, starting up the ipod for the mood and enjoying the ride. :-) Life changes everything.
Cesario said…
Thanks for the recommendations,I loved Reem, couldn't find any tracks for omar and I already have a couple of omeima's.
I really love listening to tracks will driving and start singing. People usually think I am crazy, but who cares?

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