These are words that I use that people don't really get:
  • Temperamental (I think it's much more expressive than moody).
  • As is (I really like this expression).
  • Hence.
  • A shriveled prune.
  • Thus.
  • Zamayel (colleagues), let me tell you about that, my mother always says your friends at work and I would correct her "Zamayel ya mama" and then my sister would interfere and ask what the difference is. To me, there's a huge difference, zamayel are people you spend a lot of time with, but you don't really know or get personal with. Friends are the people who you get really personal with and know the true you. I mean they're as different as day and night.
  • Al Kahera (cairo), whenever we're outside of cairo, people say "lamma nerga3 masr" and this really annoys me, we're still in Egypt 3ala fekra. My argument is and please bear with me, whenever u're in a foreign country, say Italy, now you're in Florence maybe and you're heading towards Roma, will you say "I am going to Italy"? If you do, people will probably think you're crazy, because YOU ARE IN ITALY. It make perfect sense if you ask me.
A pigeon is really cooing its heart out, outside my window; it's actually scaring me a bit. It's brown and white, really huge and left when she saw me (good thinking)


marooned84 said…
You're so into classics, aren't u? shows from the expressions..

as to the Egypt and Cairo thing, u don't get 2 see a City called after a country (like in Kuwait or Algeria) outside the arab world, so I guess it's some sort or an arabic habit.

Even wondered why the Train station in Ramses is called Masr Station?
Cesario said…
3andak 7a2, I never really paid attention to the Ma7ta thing.
It's definitely an Arab thing.
Vile said…
There is also masr station in alex, doesn't really prove much.
unreasonable?, yes... but mostly confusing.
Cesario said…
I guess people take the expression "Masr Om El donya" too seriously.

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