I have a vision...

I am in Morocco or Algeria, I am standing in one of those clean white streets, kids are playing (in the background) and it seems like its their day off. It's neither sunny nor extremely cloudy, but just right. I am there for business, in fact I've been there for a long time by now, but there's this feeling of certainty and a lot of prospect; it seems like that day might be my last one, I'm either going back home or leaving for another place.
I am really standing tall and I am wearing a dark blue cardigan and dark jeans and my hair is cut really short, there's a beige scarf wrapped around my neck and even though I wear glasses, I am not wearing mine that day. At this point in time, I love who I've become and even though it's not perfect, it's just right.
I don't know why, but there's that strange contentment and a more of a Monalisa smile (no, I am not pregnant, I am quite sure I am single at that time) on my face and I love the idea.

I don't know why I had this vision, but I like it and I think I want it to become a reality, someday maybe.


marooned84 said…
hey that's strange! I have a very similar vision for like years, but it's be in lebanon, and not alone, but feeling so confidant like I achieved all I ever wanted and ready to die here and now.

Why Lebanon? I dunno, some countries u just love I guess, same with people!
Cesario said…
Actually,I think that in this state I am quite on the cusp of something and wouldn't want to die at that moment because there would be so much left to be done.

Lebanon is nice, even though I've never been there, but the Lebanese love life and that's really contagious.

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