Will you sell?

If selling your soul to the devil is all you can do, all that's available and all that's offered.
Will you sell?
Don't think it's an easy answer because it's not.


Bongo said…
it won't ever be all what i can do ,
as i won't put as an option in the first place , no matter what , even if i don't have any other !

but if it's put to my options i WON'T be doing it ..

so , it's the same

that easy for me :)
Shimaa Gamal said…
I guess I will do if it was the only way out and if the devil paid the right price. If that was the case I won't even think twice. But then the devil has to decide how to figure out that right price and set the right circumstances. I don't think he was ever that smart :)

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