A project

So, we have a big meeting(by big I mean 4 people in the office talking), still it's big for me. My very own first pitch idea meeting at work. Anyhow, we're supposed to pitch in ideas for the empowerment of women in egypt(تمكين المرأة), I love it in arabic by the way. So far, I have been thinking about girls' schools, health clinics and small businesses for women, in addition there's this concept of micro-credit or the Grameen bank concept (bank of the poor by Mohammad yunus), but I don't know if this will work in Egypt. I think there is one of those banks in Alexandria.

The thing is, I've just discovered that I'm completely out of this world. I know nothing(absolutely nothing) about the current situation of women in Egypt. Also, I read several reports done by Egyptians about the issue; while I was reading one I was going to throw up. How can people still do such sickening stuff? We have such strange traditions in the rural areas.
I have also discovered that I effectively block things out, I guess it is a kind of a defense mechanism or something. The thing is I want to know more, but at the same time I don't.



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