Why be alone?

Ok, so I am one of those people who like to sit alone, do nothing and just be happy. Most people who witness my state of individuality think that I should (by normal human definition) either really crazy or just stupid or hiding something from the world.
Incidentally, I'm not a very mysterious person, I'm not sly and I don't say something and mean another. I'm pretty straight forward, which sometimes annoy people(this shouldn't be the attitude of a person living in this world trying to get ahead, "don't be so naive" they would say).
This leads to the big conclusion, I LIKE BEING BY MYSELF.
Ever notice that the more people, the more problems, the more opinions, the more whining, the more sighs and the more conflicts.
Am I escaping human contact? maybe.
Yet, If you don't enjoy your own company , then you have a problem that you won't admit (I think, you might not agree).

If you don't agree, try it. Go to the movies by yourself or dim the lights of your room, put on some nice music and just stare in oblivion, or just go for a walk at 5 O'clock in the morning in a foreign country or even in your neighborhood or go have some lunch in a nice restaurant. Just try it and decide.


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