Sick sick sicko

General public alert: The incoming message might not make any sense.

Yes, I believe that this is the only true way to describe my own attitude sometimes.
I can honestly admit that I am a freak, somebody who isn't really in sync with others and often has a hard time conforming to their rules and regulations.
Yet, lately I have discovered that I have some evil in me as well. I like to make people angry and I don't know why. I guess it's the feeling of power, because most of the time they will be angry and I will be totally calm. It just amazes me how people care about somethings that are so insignificant, unimportant and fake, just because society cares or people might think they're crazy or for whatever the hell people think they should pretend to be something else to please someone who they will only know for 5 freaking seconds.

If you're angry for a valid reason though, I will not make it worse for you. Just don't tell me that I need to change my glasses because they're getting old and people will think I am a freak.


Bongo said…
well , you need to change ur glasses !! lol
Cesario said…
I am sensing an enemy in our midst.

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