There it was

I guess there are days when things seem to be bad and complex, so you figure out here's another suck-y day, but then half way through the day you find good things happening. That's about the time when you ask "What's up universe?Are you trying to make me crazy?"
Anyhow, these are the days that I like to call "truth days", when life is trying to tell you and show you by example "Here's the good, the bad and the ugly". Even though I usually don't hate these kind of days, I do however get surprised by what these days conjure. Whether it's an ugly truth about someone you know, a disappointment in the actions of people, or something that turns out your way after all. I just hate how people become so transparent and I do despise human nature and the fake relationships we make.
Things I learn from such days:
  • There is absolutely nobody you can call "your confidante".
  • No matter how stable you think your life is, it's not.
  • The least happy situation can actually contain more joy than you reckon.
  • We are our own demise.
  • Just be satisfied with your life.
  • Chocolate is the most beautiful thing in the world.
And there it was... The truth!!


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