My days before work

Here's an account of how my days were like before becoming employed (my parents can not hide their glee enough that I am out of the house, here's why)
I wake up around 9 reluctantly then I go to the gym with my mother, when we get back I check the regular mail with the doorman.
When I get to the apartment, I go online to check my mail, 5 minutes later I check my other mail, 5 minutes later I check my ads mail just for fun, I find out that amazon has a 5 percent sale on groceries, I browse to see how much I would pay for Ariel if I am living abroad (washing clothes turns to be very expensive).
My mother converses with the cook about what to cook for lunch, she asks for my opinion as I lounge about the reception, I stare at the ceiling then come up with "lentil soup", my mother looks at me as if I'm nuts "lentil soup?It's summer", I answer her "Mother, don't ask for my opinion if you don't want it" and smile. My mother settles for lentil soup from her crazed daughter.
After I have breakfast and play a little with my cat, It's time they clean the reception, so I take the cat and head for my parents' room where I put the cat on the small chair, then I scratch his head and tummy so he can go to sleep. He does. He looks so nice, I decide to take a nap myself on the couch. A couple of hours (more than a couple, because it's lunch time) pass, someone storms in the room, my sisters. They start tugging at me every which way so that I wake up and tell me that I should do sth with my life. I tell them I'm still looking for work.

My dad arrives and kicks us all out. I pound a little on the piano to annoy everyone, except the people who help my mother around the house (They like it). We have lunch under the scrutinizing eye of my cat who's sitting on a table near the dinning table; he's calculating the best time to jump on the dining table when my dad won't shout at him. After lunch, the cat jumps on dad's chair and sits there announcing that he's not afraid of anyone, even though by now dad's out of the room completely.
I wash my hands and teeth, pray and head to the living room where my sis and mother are watching the Arabic translated Turkish series on MBC (my sister has a crush on the lead guy); I watch out of curiosity and weigh in on the translation. I conclude that it would have been better if it were in traditional Arabic accent rather than the Lebanese accent because I don't really understand it.
I go to my room and read a bit or straighten up the room or try to practice the violin. Then it's time for the 9 pm series on mbc4, so I go watch it with my sisters. I try to watch nigella lawson on fatafeat instead, but my sister bombards me with cushions. If there is a nice movie afterwards, we watch it, if not I probably retreat to my chambers to sleep.


Now, I wake up at a 7 am, dress, have breakfast and be out of the door at 8:15 or 8:30. I spend time at work writing documents, researching or making brochures, as well as checking my mail, posting on the blog (like right now), get told off by friends for not calling (you know yourself ya gjoe), etc...
I finish work by 5 and head home. Up until now I've been too tired to go to the gym, but I'm trying to fit it in. Anyhow, I usually have lunch (Tuna or eggs sandwich) by 7 while watching supernatural (yes, I do watch TV meant for 15 year olds) then I usually sleep by 10 pm, because I drive myself and it is really frowned upon to sleep at the wheel.

That concludes today's bulletin.


Deeeeeee said…
I'm glad you got out of the house... from what you just read you were turning into Marco, and I'm not sure I'm crazy about him!

Welcome to annoying work life!!
Cesario said…
Being marco is not so bad :)

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