I don't know why I thought of this, but I just did on my way to work. Ahh, I was thinking about my ego and how sometimes I 'd like to do stuff just to please my ego. This thought led me to the idea of sectioning our human reactions and actions. We as humans have emotional actions, egotistical actions and intellectual actions (there might me more, but I guess (to me) these are the main ones)
Then I wondered, Why do we section actions like this when they all come from the same place,"the brain"; the main controller of every physical, emotional and intellectual action from the moment we are born to the moment we die.
The heart is often linked to great emotional response and the reason for that(I read it once) is that when we are in a dire state or a state of elated happiness(felicity if you will), the only thing that we can physically feel is our heartbeats and that's why the heart has become an emotional(romantic if you should) symbol. Of course after they viewed the original shape of the heart, they figured why not simplify it a little and there you go , the usual I heart you crape.

This in turn led me to a funny memory from when I was young(er):
My sisters liked to mess with my brain a lot, so they used to ask me :"Cesario, where are your emotions?"
I would then put my hands on my chest.
Then they would ask :"Cesario, Where is your conscience? "
I would then put my hands somewhere near my liver.

I was 3 or 4 at the time, so please excuse the stupidity, but anyhow I just realized that this sectioning thing happens from youth, before we can even understand anything let alone the center of our actions. Is it something basic(like a basic instinct, but without Sharon Stone)? Or it's just an inability to comprehend that one thing can hold everything and control everything?
And that's very ironic, because it pretty much resembles the universe; although it's sectioned there is one power that controls it.

I understand the concept of the brain controlling everything, so I am pretty realistic and I realize where I am going with any reaction, but some people although they know this fact, they don't act accordingly. I am not criticizing, I am just wondering because I believe if you analyze every action you make, you will understand how everything works.Right?or maybe it's just me.


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