Life as a doormat

There comes a time in any doormat's life where it just can't stand it anymore and this is usually indicated by a tear or the gradual fading of the "O" in "Hello", leaving the word "Hell", which is very much an indication to where you're going to step in.
If this doormat is in human form rather than fabrics and text, well then its life isn't any better. The real question is, do u think that "Once a doormat, always a doormat"? I don't know, but I like to observe people and I have noticed that if you ARE a doormat in one aspect of your life, you're probably going to be controlling some other situation in your life. Why?because as humans we always strive to have the power over stuff, whether emotionally or through possession or even through the commodities we were blessed with.
The point is that nothing is constant and there will be a day in this doormat's life when it starts to make your life the living hell that people are invited to enter. So, try to be nice to people next time you feel all high and mighty, it might not be very rewarding, but it sure saves the emotional build ups that creates psychos.


Bongo said…
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Bongo said…
surely i agree that we should be nice and stuff
n it's not good to be all high and mighty , but i disagree with you concerning the rest of it!
because doormat stays always and forver a doormat and nothing else !

because simply whoever accept himself as one , it's difficult for him to be any other thing

it's a dignity thing i guess ..
coz u accepted to be a doormat so u will stay to be one even if you have changed
coz somethings never change sometimes ..

best regards,
Cesario said…
I guess this is one way of looking at it, but I guess we also have to look at the perspective of the oppressor, who is making use of the weakness of the doormat's personality.

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