The other side of the pond

I happen to drive to work today from the other side, because my family was spending the Sham El Neseem weekend out of the city.
Anyhow, I don't understand why people in Heliopolis and Nasr City(No offense intended for anyone there) don't acknowledge LANES. The concept isn't very confusing, you basically stay within the white lines and whenever you want to go to the other lane, you actually MAKE IT KNOWN. You don't however coerce the neighboring driver to flip suddenly to the other side, leading to the same thing to happen to the next and following driver, which eventually leads to a great wave of people changing lanes, nobody moving and multiple fender benders.

"Ehh ya benty, matwal3eesh el 2eshara 3ashan el nass hayhegmo 3aleky awal ma yeshfooha"
Sounds Familiar? Ever said it to anyone, or anyone saying to you?
I actually calculate when is the best time to use the blinkers. ONLY IN EGYPT!!!


Deeeeeee said…
Excuse me, miss, have you ever been to Mohandessin? Da7na lamma 7ad fi heliopolis/nasr city beyeb2a saye2 we7esh we go "how faker nafso felgiza?" :P
Cesario said…
I didn't say they were any better. As for mohandeseen, the people there don't understand the concept of the gas pedal. You push it too hard, you slam into people. You don't push it, you don't move.
Anyhow,we all have problems, but the point is we get used to our side of the pond(the hippos and crocodiles theory).
Deeeeeee said…
LOOOOOOOOOL!! Totally cracked up.. I'm so getting fired today!

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