Bare your soul

Why do we want to divulge information about ourselves? What drives us to take up a blog or publish podcasts or do whatever makes us say "I was crossing the street when..." and then other people read it and it becomes kind of a proof of our actions, thus the blog becomes some sort of a simplified historian.
As for myself, I like writing, it's the only form of human communication that I am actually good at, and it is kind of therapy for me.
If you have other reasons, please share.


gjoe said…
Its not just blogging ya sina, actually if you look around you would find the human being getting really out of his way to develop 1 thing: Communications methods.
Look around: cars, planes, trains, mobiles, phones, TVs, and even facebook and blogging..all the amazing inventions are all about communicating and reaching people

A person is a friendly animal, He has this instinctive drive to connect with the society around him, and he even likes to create new societies..he has to belong somewhere, relate to someone and believe in something..
You don't just like writing, you like to be read by a fellow human being.. :)
Xero said…
there is no right answer to this question .
as the answer varies dramatically from one person to another .
some ppl write to have some sort of a free zone where the can express there thoughts freely away from censorship.
others try to preach a certain idea they have .
while some ppl blog just because they have nothing better to do :)
Cesario said…
touche to you both

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