A tribute

I just got this email "Do you remember the 80's in Egypt?" and I couldn't help myself. I have to make a tribute to one of the greatest people I knew in my life (not personally though)
Dr Hamed Gohar, the man responsible for the discovery of the Dugong again in the red sea after nearly a century of disappearance, a man who lived and died by his own ideals. He founded the marine institute located in Hurghada and was one of the well known platinum divers in the world.
Most importantly, he taught me and my sisters what the sea is really like and how to love it, by watching his greatly informative show "3alam el behar". People used to say that he was married to a mermaid, because he spent all his time at sea. To a great man, who affected many(people and sea creatures) while his alive and his legacy will live isA.


مقدم برنامج عالم البحار
الله يرحمك يا دكتور حامد


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