The office

Our office is in Obour buildings so it overlooks some military base. At nine the soldiers in training start working out and they shout as they do that, with people running every which way.
Then at 11 am they start their morning line, which includes a band that plays the most insanely mismatched instruments with such off key that you have to laugh. Then they play the national anthem.Very nice. If this doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will.


gjoe said…

As to the view I know it is extremely important and interesting, up till now I enjoyed the view of the nile, the zoo, the airport and currently no view at all (I am actually work in a server's room, or as they call it "oodet el mainframe")
Mabrook ya SinAA!
Deeeeeee said…
OMG!! Mabrooooook and you must be kidding me... I work in Obour buildings too!! HOW DO WE NOT GO OUT EVERY SINGLE DAY?!! Hanrou7 fein bokra!
Deeeeeee said…
Oh.. I just remembered retro, cilantro korba, the conference, beitna, beitkom... lw zehe2ti we don't really have to go out everyday, but I'd love it! Oh and besides, I live so close to where you work if ever you feel like taking a break.. oh oh!and my parents might be going away for a while if you'd like to stay over for a few days!
Deeeeeee said…
welGP.. leeki 7a2 tezha2i!!
Cesario said…
Ya haram ya gjoe, momken tesameeha "odet el feran", bass akeed fee takeef.
Dee, I didn't know that I will definitely call, although gjoe already called and told me off. Yaaa

Thanks girlies, you made my day :)

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