Where's the fork?

There you are standing, waiting, staring at the horizon. You take a step forward, but there's no road before you and you don't know your destination, but you realize that there's something out there, that you're not supposed to be here, but rather there, wherever THERE is.
You might take one small step after the other, or you may even skip a couple of steps, but eventually you will land somewhere, it might be a city, a rural town or even another dimension all together. The point is we're all going somewhere, what one might worry about is where you will end up, in a place where you fit or where you don't fit.

We all know that innovators create their own destiny and destination, but sometimes you just need a fork in the road, even if one of the roads is blocked.

Sort of an assurance...

listening to~ I'm scared By Duffy


marooned84 said…
I can relate to that :(
Sou-One-Canobee said…
You have been tagged, Get right on it now..
I mean PLEASE ;)
Sou-One-Canobee said…
U r right but the good ones always end up in a place where they fit in and u r one of the good ones dear dont worry you will find the fork soon :)

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