Profile pics (a mean and shallow post, ba7awel ya gjoe)

  • For men, If you have a belly, don't post a profile pic of you in a bathing suit. Unless you have washboard abs, pictures of you in a bathing suit isn't that great and even if you do, it doesn't really do anything except show how shallow you are.
  • For women, Just because you're in evening wear doesn't mean it's a good picture, and please don't show us your cleavage or wear a skimpy outfit, it's very slutty.
  • Unless you want people to think you're a vampire/wolverine, please photoshop red eyes out of your pics.
  • A human pyramid isn't a profile pic.
  • Squatting in a blurry picture isn't very favorable, in fact squatting in general isn't very favorable in profile pics.
  • No, I don't want to see what you're drinking or smoking for that matter.
  • You in a fancy car? unless you own it, it's a NO NO NO.
  • Couple pictures: PLEASE no hearts, circles, tweety birds and the ever so dreamy rings; they're so cheesy, like gebna estambolly mal7 te2eel awy CHEESY.
  • Couples pictures: Even if you're married, please no more bathing suit pictures, it's just not flattering and news flash: No, we're not in California. AND men; WATCH the hands PLEASE.
  • Ok, so you want everyone to see that you've been to the Eiffel tower, but please don't do the ever so stupid pose of pointing to it, it's just so..., well, idiotic.
  • The "I hate girls/boys" picture messages: if you did hate these genders (respectively) and you were a boy/girl (respectively), I really don't want to know about it.
  • People who put celebrity pictures: What the hell? You think that putting a celebrity picture would improve your status in life; OH look, I like Angelina, Jolie, so I must be as pretty. Grow up and accept the facts of life.
  • AND OH MY GOD if I see single people putting baby pics as their profile pics again, I am going to VOMIT. Unless it's your child (and I am pretty iffy about that too), don't post a baby pic.


marooned84 said…
How about posing with a book?
Deeeeeee said…
Mesh adra abattal de7k!! Seriously that post is just spot on!!!
insomniac said…
was that because of my photo with the maltesers shake!! but you liked it!!!

love the post ;)
gjoe said…
da7kteeny ye7'reb 3a2lek :P

LOL begad!
Zee Puppette said…
khalli el sha3b ye3eesh
Juka said…
Cesario that was HILARIOUS! So painfully true :)

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