My phone

It's been with me for 3 years now, maybe even more. It has faithfully transferred the voices of individuals that I have gotten to know and even strangers without failure, I have grown accustomed to it, maybe even loved it and now just like my previous glasses, it wants to bow out of serving me. Now, whenever I call somebody, their voice comes out crackled and sometimes my voice is more robotic, that's when it doesn't hang up and refuse to be restarted until I remove the battery. It's time to get a new phone, much to my reluctance.
I've tried to find another phone, a newer more sophisticated version, but alas I have failed; there's nothing available that is to my liking and I even the models that I fancy aren't in stock. The whole thing is making me a bit annoyed.
I mean I am ready to get a new phone, out of necessity, but nonetheless I am ready and the universe seems to refuse to give me a break.

Add to this the fact, that everything in my life seem to be ending, first the training program , then my fascination with what I do, then my phone and now my car as well. Every couple of days I find something wrong with my aging car and even if I can afford to change it (and I don't want to change my Zooba), there are no affordable models available that I seem to like. Also, my haircut is completely ending; I now have shoulder-length, bordering on long hair, which I don't like, but I promised myself not to cut it, especially that I need to keep it tied most of the time anyhow.

If the universe is insinuating something like I should move on, I want to tell the universe that I don't mind moving on at all, in fact I would love to move on, just give me something to move on to, that's all.

I need a CHANGE and in the words of the ever so wise Madonna *Smirk*, "give it to me".


Juka said…
May I ask what the favoured current phone is?

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