There's restlessness, uneasiness, rejection, discomfort...

I trust my instinct, I believe that my gut is one of the best measure of any decision-making I do in my life. I trust my gut more that I trust my 5 senses. In all the situations that I trusted my gut I won things I didn't even know existed and in those other situations where I ignored my gut, I found myself depressed, annoyed and alone. It might not make much sense and believe me I hate not having logical reasoning for what I do, but sometimes it doesn't need logic, it just has to be right.

There's a lot of doubt and there's the possibility of failure, but I always say "No risk, No fun", add to this the fact that I would never let myself fail and even if I fall down, I always know that I can rise again.

So, yes, I know it's crazy, I know there are no guarantees and I know things might not work out and might become more lost than I already am, but I don't care and I don't mind anything, really. I know what is supposed to be done and I am trusting my instinct. I won't calm down and I won't be patient, because I am sick of being patient, I am sick of waiting and I am sick of accepting things just because they exist, I am sick of being on the sidelines and I don't intend to be anymore. I want to start my life, I want to feel the rush of blood to my brain and I want to live on the edge(of reason, of logic,whatever...) and I just don't care what happens, I am don't want to think about the consequences.


Sou-One-Canobee said…
Know the feeling you are one of the lucky ones that their guts never fail use it to the Max. girl. It's usually right :)
zandy said…
I say follow your instincts I think they rarely fail anybody.. not me at least.
So I'd say go for whatever u are after and don't wait. Life waits for no one, really. And good luck.
As for waiting .. I think it's hard to get rid of it. We are all waiting for something one way or another. But if you can do something about it then you're lucky. So don't waste your chance :))

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