The guitar starts playing a tune I've come to know so well during the past couple of years, with every pluck of the cords, my mind and heart flutter in harmony as my feet touches the ground on intervals, just as my hands are clapping in accordance with the enchanting tunes of "Khalouni"
Her voice comes sailing upon each note to be delivered in the deep grooves of my memory, each cell in my body is flowing and swaying, wanting to break free from all the inhibitions of life, each cell cries the words of the song in their own way, while my voice strains to make itself heard within the herds of human beings; all entranced by the magnificent music that seems to be bouncing from one person to another and infecting the whole crowd with a feeling of zeal, disbelief that such wonderful liberating sensation exists and gratefulness that God created music so wonderful that angels could cry from its beauty.

Souad herself seems like an image of a person filled with the essence of life, her face illuminates as she smiles to her adoring fans, who in reply jump higher, clap harder and shout her name ever so greatly. What's beautiful about her is that she doesn't seem out of reach, in fact she seems like a very regular person and that's why every single person within the audience connected with her. She embodies the example of reachable, realistic dreams and all her body language and behavior indicate that she's infact that spontanous; as she jumps higher, all of the audience jump with her, wanting to please her, just as she continues to please them with every note, every word and every smile.

The batteries of my camera died at the beginning of the concert, just before things got interesting and even though I missed a couple of shots that I wanted to take, I am happy that my batteries died on me, because just they did, everything else inside just suddenly burst into life as I started to concentrate on the beat of the drum, the ever so zealous resonance of the guitar and the resounding meaning of each song's words; just as she sweetly roares at time and strongly whispers at other times.

Words can hardly describe how much liberatingm, freeing and soothing these songs were, how life seems like a sweet, soothing stroll in the park and how the future appears as a distant and even faint picture that you can't really define, as each and every particle of you is focsed on this moment in time; it is as if all the things outside the walls of this concert froze and all the life of the world came gushing inside every single person in this place. At this time, you don't care how you look as you jumo up and down, swaying your head from left to right to the beats of this serene music, and you don't really bother yourself with the fact that your voice isn't up to par or that your feet hurts or that you're tired. No, you don't care about these earthly worries as your spirit lifts, even elevates to the sounds of the music, as your body expresses itself in such freedom that you didn't even know existed.

It's by far one of the most cheriched experiences in my life so far and I found myself all on my own, as my brain gets filled with the zeal of its existence and grateful for witnessing such maginificent event, which I so desperately needed.

Thank you Souad for making a solmen week, seem like a very distant memory, and the troubles of my life to stop existing as I focused all my being on your music and lyrics. Thank you :D


marooned84 said…
She was more than wonderful bshwayya!
Deeeeeee said…
That was one great show, though I wasn't a fan of the sound equipment, I still have a headache, I didn't take my cam in the first place so as not to miss out on a single moment! It was STIMULATING!

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