It's personal to me

It seems as if our lives revolve around two major emotions; boredom and stress. They're both very annoying and very misrepresenting of the elements of life.
If you review the major religions that exist in life, you'll find that they all preach forgiveness, peace, understanding, anger-management, etc... which could indicate that the way we're living our lives is definitely not the best, if not the worst.
People always tell you calm down, it's not worth it, this too shall pass and all the BS (excuse my french) we hear all the time. Yet, I would like to quote a part from my all-time favorite movie; "You've Got Mail"; when Jo Fox was telling Kathleen Kelly that it wasn't personal, it was business, her eyes teared up as she responded that it was personal to her.

Our views and perspectives other people's problems differ completely from their views of their problems, that's why I believe that I can never understand a person's problem or sympathize with him/her if I haven't experienced a similar event in my life. However, I do believe we should calm down and be less edgy, HOW? I don't know.

Nowadays, my career is being determined by people other than myself and despite myself, I have stomach pains, can't seem to sleep properly and occasionally become out of breath and no I can't control it.

Listening to~ Sheherezadeh by Azziza Mostafa


zandy said…
I actually never got the part of " it's not personal" and I thought it was me who has a problem. It IS personal most of the time and despite that I still agree we shud stop being that edgy. I think most of the things don't deserves all that hassle and all those sleepless nights and simply all that STRESS. As long as you're ok, ppl you love are ok and healthy, you have your basic needs, then you shud be thankful and not that stressed out.

I still don't know how to achieve that myself though, lel asaf :)

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