To fear or not to fear

I believe that fear drives us to do a lot of things, which could be the right things in general, but not the right things for us. It's not the things we fear that we do, it is the things that fear drives us to; and these are the things that can destroy our lives, or at least my life.
I don't like to be driven to stuff, to be made to do stuff, to have fear the only sentiment pushing me towards the safer choice, the saner one, the most applicable one, and the most despised incentive of all; the one that will sound good when I say it.

The things we fear are the most fulfilling of all, they are the most exhilarating, surprising and right. I like to fear things rather than to be driven to them by fear. It's fear that drives us to the SAFER choice and it doesn't always have to be the right choice. Uncharted territories can prove to be the ones you have been looking for your whole life, but other times uncharted territories are merely uninhabited deserts; miles and miles of sands, scorching weather and a river of disappointment.

Oh, blessed thoughts of abandonment!!


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