Life's theme

I was talking to my sister about confusion and women; I was saying that nowadays a lot of women seem to be confused about themselves and the roles they should be assuming in life. I think that this is the true obstacle women are facing. Then she so calmly responds that women aren't confused, that she doesn't think that women are confused, and that I am the one who's confused.

So, is it just me? really? I wonder why that is.

Anyhow, I was talking to a colleague at work about work and how it has become so boring and monotonous; the fact is he brought it up and I agreed. We were both considering alternatives and I realized that I truly have no alternatives. You see, I am currently training, so there's no real work experience, add to this the fact that I hate the college degree that I have earned and that I have completely forgotten anything from what I have learnt or acquired during college. The thing is I am switching careers. So, the fact is that this is currently my only choice, if I screw up, it won't be good. Yet, I am still confused. Here I am, faced with no choices, the truth is I have nothing to consider and still I am confused. So, maybe I am just destined to be confused for the rest of my life; maybe it's my life's theme.


SaRaH said…
You are not the only one my friend I can tell you that Join the club
SaRaH said…
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Adamgv said…
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Adam Vohrer
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[-daisy-] said…
I have choice and I am confused ...sometimes I am left with no choices and still I am left confused :D 3aaaaaaaatshy

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