Going local

Juka started the campaign of going local, Jessy designed the logo above (nice work :D) and it's really positive.
Anyhow, I decided that I will try and buy local, not all the stuff, ya3ni deodrants wel 7agat dee hayb2a sa3b, but in food we keda, sure.
The day before yesterday, as I walked the hallways of the supermarket, only to stand before the biscuit section, I fought the urge to reach for a chocolate digestive or another luscious Italian biscuits and I actually picked out 2 Egyptian brands, one of which was Marie chocolate.

The other brand, which I don't remember was really nice, but usually Shato takes the cake. Anyhow, the good thing is that I only spent 3.5 pounds on two packs of biscuits and given my current monetary state, that is quite good.

So, I am going local (not in everything), but local nonetheless. I will give it my best shot.


gjoe said…
gjoe said…
asdy our local celebrative gesture:
Juka said…
Anna baddom soooty le Gjoez lolololololoyyy. Meanwhile if you could send me photos of their packages akoon begad mamnouna!
Belya said…
Besides the photos ( sorry for the interruption Juka ), it would be kind of you to send us feed back on the following e-mail:

Hope you enjoyed them

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