Some crazy talk

There's something inside of me that I just can't understand, nor express, they are thoughts and feelings that aren't present, but should be; they're lodged inside of the deepest farthest and most unknown spaces of my brain.
Every cell in my body alerts me to that fact, but there's nothing to do, nothing to say and nowhere to go to. I have no leads and no way to go there, I have nothing. And yet with the absence of nothing, comes something unknown. If something hasn't existed yet or absent from our lives, how come it can make so much sense; much like the missing peace of the puzzle, the most elusive link and the third door that is yet to open to another world beyond our comprehension.
Life with all it's mundane chores that we do every day must contain something more profound, more substantial, something truly enchanting.
Our existence is limited and caged within the depth of what others think of as reality, and this reality might be fake. There's a reason for existence beyond the nonsense we call life. There must be.


marooned84 said…
I have the same feeling, and I drown myself in work to run away from it. There must be a way out, just keep looking and don't lose hope.

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