Kobry musings

As I steer my car through the almost abandoned lanes [thanks to the Ahly-Zamalek match] of the 6th of October bridge, some thoughts occur:

1. Know a woman from her shoes:

  • If she wears a flat dark colored pair of shoes [with no details], she's a no frills, functional lady, who appreciates reason.
  • If she wears a flat dark colored pair with some kind of detail[a bow,etc..], she's a functional woman who finds life amusing, but sticks to reality.
  • If she wears flat bright colored shoes; she's a woman who has a moderate sense of humor, loves the interesting things in life and has a vivid imagination, but still hovers very close to earth.
  • If she wears a dark colored pair with small heels, then she's a woman who prefers to look at what it could or should be, but not what it is; somehow she avoids reality but still lives in it.
  • If she wears bright colored pair with small heels, then she's a very dreamy lady who likes to live on the positive side of life, but might not be very successful at it.
  • If she wears a dark colored pair with super high heels, then she's not an easy woman and she might have some tricks up her sleeve.
  • If she wears a bright colored pair with super high heels, then she's very confident, likes attention and might not be very attached to actual events around her, but rather a world in her own mind.
2.I love the hanged bridge part, especially looking at the metro [and realizing that I was going to hit the car next to me] as I pass through it.

3.The cleaning people who stand on the pavement between the two roads of the bridge look strange as you quickly pass by them; they kind of blind your vision for a while.

4. If you want to get an adrenaline rush, drive slowly at the turns of the bridge, but make sure there is a huge touristic bus on your left side.

5. Da walad 7'albous sa7i7 [as a stupid car swerves from my right].

I would like to state that this is all based on nothing, but a depressing day at work and a very foggy vision.


Askandarani said…
:-) was the khalbous, malaki alex?
Shimaa Gamal said…
I liked the categorization of women according to their shoes :)
But I think it reflects a mood not a personality. Or maybe we change fashion as our characters change!
But anyway, the next time I go shopping for shoes I will make sure to keep your interpretations in mind ;)
Cesario said…
Askandarani: wallahy I was too blurry-eyed to tell, but I don't think so, the driver reeked of Cairan stupidity.

Shimaa: I think you're right, they're about moods.
SaRaH said…
Both the first and second options are me it is very interesting theory indeed where did you get that from?
Cesario said…
I don't know, it hit me while I am driving, maybe because I was thinking that I needed some new shoes for work. Glad it's somewhat true.

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