I am sick of people saying Egypt sucks, Egypt isn't this and this and this. NEWS FLASH: we live here and we know and we men el 2a7'er law 3andak kelma 7elwa 2olha we law mandaksh please shut up or do something about it, but don't lament your luck and don't give us a headache. Be grateful you weren't born in Congo or Somalia, where human life isn't even considered let alone offended.
Kaman, most people who complain are the ones who have a decent living, tab we el nas el tanya te3mel eh? And another thing, I would never think about living anywhere else, balady we 2a3da feeha and as Gjoe says yakshy Tewla3.



SaRaH said…
Amen to that friend.. 7'ateha men 3ala lessanie zee ma be2olo :)
Thats why I wrote this one ya Sina

Because i am FED UP!
Whats wrong with people? whats really wrong?

if this country is that bad then LEAAAAVE!
God! when will we burn those negative wells..

Amen sina.. Amen...
Yakshi twla3 behom!
Umslopagas said…
At last, a voice of reason.
gjoe said…
7ader haskot 7'ales! mesh hakkalem tany :P
[-daisy-] said…
LOL that's an irrelevant comment here ... PLZ DON'T STOP THE MUSIC :D
marooned84 said…
Very Egyptian!

I remember once upon time in an ancient time in a land beyond the seas there was something called "freedom of speech". I don't know what it is exactly, having lived here all my life, but I'm sure it didn't have the word "positive" before it. Also, this prehistoric uncivilized civilization understood the fact that to be free is to be able to say what you want whether it be positive or negative, even true or false so long as u're not talking facts and numbers. I'm sure they were wrong though, and who can blame them? They didn't live in the prosperious and free land of Egypt where you're asked to point the good points when criticizing, and where people has been living too good a life not to have any worries and needs, and where all the other uncivilized world look for an Egyptian to come and civilize them, but no matter how strong the temptation is the Egyptian wouldn't for worlds leave his pradaise even as a sacrifice for the sake of humanity.
Cesario said…
marooned: thank you, I AM an Egyptian and thus love the fact that you say that I am VERY EGYPTIAN.
I really hate it when people use it as an insult, being Egyptian should be something of pride even if our country is ailing right now.
And I am not talking about newspapers and freedom of speech, you're way off point, I am talking about regular people who do nothing but complain about the country ALL THE TIME, like they're kings and queens for putting up with it.
Any you may say what you want and I may say what I want also. And this post is what I wanted to say. So, don't go defending freedom of speech while insulting me for saying what's on my mind.
Cesario said…
Sarah: lol :D
Blue: you're right, people just keep punching egypt time after time.It's sickening.
Umslopagas: thanks
gjoe: mesh enti walahy
Daisy: I agree, plz don't stop the music.
marooned84 said…
That's one of the achievements of oure regime: confining the freedom of speech to newspapers and TV.

I only disagreed with what you said, I didn't either mention you or anybody else except collectively, so I don't see how that was interpreted into insults.

Anyway if are of another opinion you can ask me not to comment and I'll comply.
Cesario said…
I am not a fan of censorship, you can comment as you wish, after all, it's a free country.
SaRaH said…
Yes its a free country after all :D

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