Square ONE

No matter how much you grow, how fast you run or how long you hold your breath, your past will catch up with you and you will find yourself back to the ugly square one.

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Edwards


Zee Puppette said…
Now that's a dark thought.
I'd like to disagree. I'd like to think that we're capable of moving on. I'd like to think that, even if the past haunts us down at some points of our lives, we'll be able to get past it, again ... like we once did before.
Square one is not a nice place to be.
Hey!! This is so true, u say that based on experience?! I believe in its truth based on multiple experiences. I am so glad to have finally found these lines on a blog other than mine. Hehehe

Some even say that there's no such thing as "present" or a "future"; only just the past repeating itself.
Cesario said…
Zee Puppette: Of course we're capable of moving on, but sometimes you get stuck, but eventually after a grand fight with the universe, you move on.

Innate: I do believe in a past, present and future though, otherwise there's no point in living really

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