The flu

My nose is red and swollen, my eyes are blurred and I can barely breathe. My brain will entirely explode, my throat is scratchy and I sound like a croaky frog.

I can't work and I have to work or else I am DOOMED. That's in addition to the incipient pain in my stomach and constant dizziness.

and midst all of this physical pain, lies the worst kind of pain at all and that's the mental one; confused, distracted, lonely, angry and depressed.

Listening to despertar by Aisha Duo


SaRaH said…
Oh Salamteek dear I know what it feels like to work while sick it literally suck but hold on there and it will be all well soon. You know what they say Whatever has a beginning must have an end
[-daisy-] said…
salamtek ya sina I 've had this HORRIBLE flu a couple of weeks ago.One med that really works for me is "Congestal" try it out but if you plan to take it then take it at night before you go to sleep.It really relieves my flu symptoms.Get well soon :(
Cesario said…
Thanks girlies :D
Bongo said…
i DO hate flu too :(

wish you a speedy recovery :D

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