Many times, I have been accused of being old-fashioned; mainly because I am not in on the new linguistics of my generation, or the card games they play or even the way of behavior. I was brought up the old fashioned way and through out my childhood my exposure to Egyptian culture was strictly through family and old black and white movies.
Do I want to change that? not really, I would like to be up to speed with the new things, just to find appropriate conversation starters, but to completely change my personality? No way.

I am still the girl who feels iffy about calling older people by their names (even if they ask me to), who thinks "Sa3eeda" was a nice greeting, acknowledges the first national flag of Egypt (the green one) as the current flag and doesn't think that Om Kalthoum can be made fun of.

On this note, I take off and say "Sa3eeda".


gjoe said…
Sa3eeda Mubarak ;)
marooned84 said…
I'm with u on the flag thing, but sa3eeda is too black-and-white to be true! did they even use it in real life?
Cesario said…
there's a lady that works with my mother, who still uses "sa3eeda", so I think they did use it.
insomniac said…
hehe i thought my friend and i were the only ones still keeping the "sa3eeda - sa3eedambarak" thing alive!! i think it's endearing, but i wouldn't use it with everyone!

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