Feeling antsy

Add to my regular neurosis, ANTs. What is the deal with them?
They're everywhere and they BITE. I thought they only attack when afraid. I mean I sit at my computer minding my own business and I find this sharp pain in my toes and I find a humongous ant biting me.
I have ants in my room, in my car, at work and in my notebooks.
I mean I used to actually like ants, now I am really feeling iffy about them. It will all be worth it if winter comes early, but from the current weather I really doubt it.

I am supposed to be working on some stuff, but I don't really feel like it, although they're not huge. I guess I am just a bit under the weather, because I figured out that I am as human as they come and I HATE that. Never mind!!


Deeeeeee said…
Read this: http://emanm.blogspot.com/2008/07/blog-post.html

marooned84 said…
so it's not only in my room! I'm used 2 crashing them down now. and sometimes I enjoy it!
Cesario said…
I would say that ants have declared war, it's humans Vs. ants, but I think they would definitely win.
marooned84 said…
yeah, they are far so much more than us, wel kotra te3'leb el shaga3a!

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