Because Gjoe said so,

I am: almost always nervous
I think: a lot about the future
I know: that it can probably get worse or better(50-50 chance)
I have: to become a bit open-minded.
I wish: Things could go a bit faster
I hate: My loss of concentration and focus
I miss: my grandmother and more innocent times
I fear: the unkown
I hear: Turkish music, which just elates my mood ever so greatly.
I smell: the Air conditioning.
I crave: wide expanse of Water
I search: for logical interpretation of my stupid thoughts
I wonder: if my mother's prayers will be granted, which really scares me.
I regret: being overprotected as a child
I love: potential
I ache: from the first vertebrae in my spine.
I am not: someone I'd hate
I believe: in God
I sing: When I want to stop thinking
I cry: when there's nothing else left to do
I fight: when I know that it's up to me to win the fight.
I win: because others lose, and I always hate it, but I don't want to lose either.
I lose: myself, when I lose focus
I never: give up.
I always: get up and try again
I confuse: finance with economics.
I listen: to everyone because I hate talking
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of the beginning that comes after the end
I need: a life
I am happy about: breathing
I imagine: things that I want to become


gjoe said…

Nice To Know That You Do Cry :P
Cesario said…
well, it depends on how you look at it.


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