Is it?

Lately, I have been avoiding things that are depressing; movies, books, news,people. I figured that if I don't find anything depressing, it will be hard for be to get depressed. The plan was working fine, until human kind caught up with me. One morning, I find the newspaper right under my nose, I read that Georgia is in Trouble, later that evening I am sitting with my dad and he flips to a news channel, something happened in Mauritania. Then, a day later, I see somebody who was let down by the Gods of fate, doing great for his condition, but still struggling to make way.
Now, I am bummed and I am wondering whether I should avoid and be happy, or confront and be depressed, since things are going to knock on my door anyway.
Add to this, the fact that in the first time of my life, I actually feel lonely and I have no clue why. I don't mind the feeling really, but I wonder why that is.


marooned84 said…
It's such an awful feeling, isn't it? but how come u only felt it before in people's company? are u ok with urself to that extent? I'd pay half my life 4 that..
it sounds stupid, but try 2 have friends who actually matter, and stop watching the news :)
marooned84 said…
btw did u read Grimm's fairy tales? it's handy in times like this :)
Cesario said…
The fact is I am far from being OK with myself, but I am slowly accepting who I am at this point of my life. I am trying to become a better person, but it will take time, so I am being patient.
As for loneliness among people, you can never ignore yourself(even if you try), but other people can dismiss you ever so easily.
I will try Grimm's fairy tales and get back to you.

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