Interruption appreciated

I know a lot of people who hate interruptions, and as much as it does seem to be annoying, I do highly appreciate them. Interruptions are the only way I can actually take notice of something, whether negative or positive.
Interruptions take many shapes and forms; human interruptions (ur mother walking in on you singing "take a bow" and wishing that her luck was a little bit better), inhuman interruptions ( your cat standing in front of your room, screaming his lungs out so that you let him in, after hearing ur alarm), circumstantial interruptions (starting work) and divine interruptions (a vespa hitting ur car from behind, breaking ur leg,etc...)

All are appreciated, but the ones that I appreciate the most are the divine and circumstantial ones. First, you can do very little about them and you're forced to face the music whether u're ready or not.

This reminds me of something I read once, that says "family are the people who save you from yourself"


marooned84 said…
what a name u use 4 them! well, family keeps u from many things, especially from going up when u need to!

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