It's not about the invitation

Before I start breathing, let me tell you why today was annoying.
  • My mother wakes me up an hour early, which makes total sleeping hours this week: 10 (I have told her that I set my alarm, but she gets nervous and I don' t want to upset her).
  • I wake up with the worst mood ever.
  • Before going to work, I hear that the mother of one of our relatives has died; she was old and sick. Yet, I hate funerals just as much as I hate weddings.
  • I drive like shit and the car bumper is slammed fee el raseef, no one's fault, but my own.
  • At work, it was a very boring day, with really strange people in the middle.
  • It's been an exhausting week and all the weariness has started to take effect.
  • I have to work tomorrow and I actually want to.
  • I have a work related outing on Saturday, which is making me tense (and throws off my clothes schedule for next week).
  • The next week and a half (at work) are going to be hectic.
  • I am wondering why I am what I am and whether I am actually pretending to be sth I am not.
  • I have officially deleted "jenny don't be hasty" from my computer.
  • I am trying to overcome a case of the flu.
  • I can't believe Ramadan is on Monday.
  • People keep saying that I have really bad handwriting for a GIRL. What the hell? didn't know there was handwriting stereotyping.
  • I got a headache from all of the above.
  • I am sleepy, but I know that when I try to sleep I won't be able to.


gjoe said…
I thought you would also be irritated by the fact enn e7na ba2eena taw2eet shetwey fe 3ezz el 7arr..
Does that buy you an hour more of sleep? Or an hour less.

I am terribly confused.
marooned84 said…
hope they're payin u well for all that!
Cesario said…
Gjoe: I slept actually for 4 hours, but according to this taw2eet, we 3ala 7asab tawgeehat el rayes, I slept 2 hours.
We tab3an el 7kouma adra, we salemly 3al metro.

Marooned84: It's average, but I don't mind the work. Actually I am becoming a workaholic. I like working hard, makes me feel important. Ya3ny, 3o2det na2s walla mo27'za.
marooned84 said…
yeah I know the feeling..
Deeeeeee said…
Com'on! Your yesterday sucked? My yesterday ROCKED! Which is weird cause I kinda spent it with you? Does that mean I annoy that much? Sina, it is not personal! :P
I do not mean you.. I'm just annoying.

Just for the record, yesterday I slept for the first time this week!

Now excuse me while I go say my good mornings to the people in the house and my new best friend Paolo Nutini!

I hope the coming days are better!:)
Cesario said…
Actually, this was really fun.
I just wanted to bitch about the day, because I felt like it.
I really had fun yesterday. Yes, you annoy me, but in a good way :D
I have to add that normally all people annoy me

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